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A wedding favor is a small gift given as a gesture to guests. An everlasting favor that captures the essence of the special day is the perfect gift to make your guests feel appreciated. Decorate your table with special and unique wedding favors. From sentimental gift boxes to Zam Zam water. See what our suppliers have to offer and what’s within your budget.

To make sure your favors and gifts is everything you imagined, we’ve rounded up the questions you can’t forget to ask your supplier:

Zam Zam & Dates
“A gift of Zam Zam water purest of all waters” Personalised Zam Zam favors have been our common for many years. We have many suppliers providing fully personalised bottles with names and designs in accordance to your needs. Our suppliers can also provide dates and honey to complement the perfect gifts for your guests.

Personalised message
A message to your guest makes the day more special. You would want to express your gratitude for their love and support. Our suppliers have a variety of messages that you can give as a gift. From sweet boxes personalized with a print of your choice to gift bags. Compare suppliers with us.

With hundreds of suppliers, it is important to find out if suppliers deliver. Delivery prices can vary depending on quantity. We advise you to see samples before ordering a big amount of favors and gifts.

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